Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing

TASC Contract Staffing is an agile, compliant, and SLA-based recruitment service that lets you hire contractual staff, who will be deployed on TASC visa. For these professionals hired on contract, TASC manages HR, payroll and other administrative tasks. Our staffing services are backed by a dedicated, 24*7 helpline for contracted staff, which enables prompt resolution of queries from the contracted staff. What’s more? With TASC, you can choose to leverage contract staffing solutions for long-term or even for a shorter duration. Our short-term staffing solutions include providing contingent / on-demand staff or staff for events, roadshows and activations.

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Allied Contract Staffing Services

End-to-End Employee Management
TASC is one of the most preferred staffing companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi because our business model includes end-to-end talent management. Be it talent acquisition, onboarding, managing employee performance, or ensuring that the employee is cared for; our staffing agency has you covered.
On-Demand Staffing
We are one of the most trusted temporary staffing agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for on-demand workforce supply…
Permanent Recruitment
When it comes to permanent workforce supply, TASC is the most preferred staffing company in UAE.
Global Talent Outsourcing
We provide end-to-end solutions – right from sourcing, to selecting, onboarding, and end-to-end employee management.


Benefits of Our Contract Staffing Solutions

Success stories

Contracted Staff to improve the top line of a bank
A leading bank within the GCC employed 2,000 outsourced professionals from 12 talent management / staffing partners. Due to multiple staffing service providers, there was…

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